Monday, March 24, 2008

From time to time I remember things that have happened to me. These I will write down.

Waiting for my Mother and Father

There were many times in the evenings that my mother and father would go to some activity and leave us kids at home. I must have been some what anxious about that. I believe that I was less than ten years old. I don't remember any of my brothers or sister at home, but I am sure that I was not alone. There was a couch in the front room next to the window facing the east. After it was dark and when my parents should be coming home, I would kneel on the couch looking out the window watching for my parents. I would see the lights of a car coming. Hoping that it would be my parents, the car would drive right on by. Pretty soon I would be able to see the lights of another car. That car would also drive by. After a time a car would pull into our driveway. I was relieved to have them home again.


The front door was on the east end of our house. The road was on the south side. There was an irrigation ditch between the road and the house. The driveway crossed the ditch and went north back toward the out buildings and the corals. I was walking with my mother and dad towards the out buildings. I don't remember what I did, but my mother spanked. I laughed and said, "That did't hurt." My dad then spanked and it hurt.