Thursday, June 23, 2011

Desert Mountain Visits

Astragulus found on the side of  Japs Road
 This little yellow flower made me stop and back up to take a closer look.  Looks pretty spectacular, but most likely I will not be able to find it when the flowers are gone.

There were a lot of these penstemons growing in the area.  I believe that it is Penstemon humilus.  They also grow along the Cal Valley road.
 This penstemon, P confusus was found in the road cut of Highway 50.  It has a little brighter color than the population that is north of the Cal Valley road.

I have made a few visits into the desert mountains more precisely Cal Valley Road.  There were some nice native perennials growing in the area.  They are later blooming this year because of the cold weather that we have had.  The First time I visited that area, there was nothing blooming.

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