Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mice and Rice

Mice have been eating the Indian Rice Grass, Oryzopsis hymenoides, seed. I planted six trays of Indian seed about six weeks ago. I have noticed over the last week that mice have been digging up and eating the seeds. I put out three traps last night baited with peanut butter. This morning two of the traps had been tripped. One was upside down and the peanut butter bait was gone from the other trap. The third trap had some dry meat on it that I had tied to the trigger last fall. It was not touched. I have had this problem before, but having ten cats around has been very helpful. Maybe we should stop feeding the cats. I asked for suggestions on Facebook this evening and one person suggested that I hot glue dry dog food to the trap. Even though it is dark, I went out to the greenhouse with a flash light; brought in the traps; hot glued some dried cat foot to the traps. I will check in the morning to see what has happened. We should take advantage of this mouse skill and train them to sniff drugs at the airport, schools, and other places. They could easily and quietly do their job in the dark.

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