Monday, February 8, 2010

Princes Plume, Stanleya pinnata

The warmer weather is affecting the plants in the cold frames. Buds of some of the trees and shrubs are beginning to swell. Some of the perennials are starting to grow. The Stanleya pinnata, Princes Plume. is one such perennial. It has remained green all winter and now shows leaf growth. If it remains in the cold frame much longer it will start to flower before gardeners can start planting. Yellow flowers on tall spikes starts blooming on the bottom of the top half of the stem. Over the course of the summer it blooms all the way to the top. There are ripe seeds at the bottom and flowers in the middle and new buds at the top of the flower stem. Older plants have numerous flower stems with a very long blooming time. It grows at various elevations, but an outstanding characteristic is its ability to survive on limited rainfall. These are ready to go now for those living in a warmer climate. See them at

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